Dredging with a Floating Crane and Barge

In marine works, there are various situations requiring the use a pontoon equipped with a high capacity crane.

These situations cover special underwater excavation works, such as the opening of trenches for submarine pipelines, trenches at the bottom of breakwater embankments, dredging of embankment protection layers in riprap or precast parts, circular excavations, such as interior cleaning of pilings or pillars. We have various dredging pontoons equipped with 200 and 320 ton cranes.

According to the type of material to be dredged, we have various types of buckets, such as Clamshell, Orange Peel Grab, Rock Grab, Tetrapod Grab, Casagrande, etc.

To evacuate dredged materials, we have a fleet of motorised bottom-dump barges with a capacity from 300 to 1,200 m3.